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Hello! My name is Irving and I am the founder of Aqua Serene.

I have been a fish hobbyist for over 50 years. I started Aqua Serene in 1988, as an aquarium maintenance company. We later opened our All Fish & Supply and Garden Center.

Aqua Serene has set up hundreds of aquariums across Lane County. Over the last 20 years, we’ve succeeded with the philosophy that by providing quality service and products, everyone benefits.

The assortment you’ll find at Aqua Serene is a reflection of my many interests. I invite everyone to come in and immerse themselves in the Aqua Serene experience.

Thank you, and I hope to see you soon here at Aqua Serene.


Hi there- my name is Lisa. I grew up in Deadwood, Or., and I’ve been around freshwater fish for most of my life. My family had a 40 gallon freshwater tank stocked with community fish like Cardinal, Rummy Nose Tetras, Kuli and Dojo loaches.

On our weekly trips into the city, we would often shop at local pet shops and pick out new fish to add to our tank, which was always something I looked forward to.

When I was in my early teens, my family moved to Eugene. My dad began his aquarium maintenance business out of our garage. When the small business began to grow, I assisted my dad with many of the responsibilities.

I joined the team here at Aqua Serene about 10 years ago. My specialty and main interests are freshwater fish and freshwater aquatic plants. I enjoy helping my customers with their hobby, so please come in and chat with me about your interests in the wonderful world of tropical fish.

Hi, my name is Paul and I’ve been with Aqua Serene since 2003. Starting at an early age, I caught the aquarium bug. It’s hard for me to remember a time in my life when I didn’t have some sort of tank with a critter in it. When I was 13, I started my first saltwater tank, and ever since then I’ve been hooked.

Over the years I’ve worked in many areas- from the environmental field to building ponds and swimming pools- but the saltwater hobby has always been close to my heart. My goal at Aqua Serene is to help people learn to enjoy this fascinating hobby as much as I do.

Hi! My name is Dennis and I would like to invite you come enjoy the Aqua Serene experience.

I have been a part of the local freshwater tropical fish hobby for over 35 years. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to observe more than 75 varieties of fish spawn successfully in my tanks.

Prior to joining the Aqua Serene team, I owned and operated my own hatchery with the goal of bringing the highest quality Angel fish and other Cichlids to the local hobbyists.

If you are looking for answers to your fish keeping questions, or just want to enjoy the view, come on in and check us out. Ask for me or speak to any member of our qualified staff to get the answers you need to be successful in this wonderful hobby.

Hey there, I’m Sarah. My love for the ocean started when I was a child, and by the time I graduated high school I knew for sure that I wanted to spend the rest of my life taking care of marine animals.

From there I joined the Aquarium Science Program at Oregon Coast Community College in Newport, Oregon, to get my Associates Degree in Aquarium Science. During my time there I did some small internships and volunteer experiences at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Brad’s World Reptiles, and the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

I recently finished up a year-long internship at the Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, taking care of a 20,000 gallon tropical reef aquarium! Now, I’m here- working with awesome people, helping you take care of your fishes and invertebrates. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. No question is a stupid question!

Hello, I’m Kent. I’ve been an Aqua Serene team member since November 2002. I perform maintenance for various accounts ranging from residential to office settings.

My focus is to make both my employer and aquaria owners successful in their endeavors. I am experienced in both freshwater and marine systems, and I hope to be an asset to all who wish to enjoy fish keeping.

Hello, my name is Kyle.

My fascination with the aquatic hobby began when I was young, staring up at my father’s 100 gallon Arowana tank. He helped me understand what it takes to care for such a graceful species. I also learned how to maintain the water quality that the fish live in to keep them healthy.

When we went fish shopping, I was amazed to see all the different varieties and possibilities within the aquatic world. My amazement developed into starting my own fish tanks to love and nurture.

I’d like nothing more than to help you get a new tank started so that you, too, can enjoy the pleasures of owning your own fish tank.



Hey guys,

My name is Andrew. I moved to Eugene last year after graduating from the University of Toledo, Ohio.  Since being in Eugene, I earned my Open Water Scuba License and have experienced many new things.  I have two freshwater planted tanks at home. One is a 20 gallon community tank with dwarf cichlids and neons. The other is a 5 gallon
cherry shrimp tank.

Aqua Serene is a place I’m proud to work for.  When I was new here, I quickly found Aqua Serene and they helped me set up my 20 gallon tank.  Now I am happy to help other aspiring fish keepers do the same.  Working here has taught me how to be a better aquarist and I love to pass on the knowledge.  Come on in and I can help you set up a freshwater planted tank.



My name is Olaf Lindquist.  I am 20 years old and have been keeping fish for almost 5 years.  I take a special interest in bottom dwelling fish such as plecostomus, loaches and bichir fish.

I grew up watching my uncle’s large south american cichlids and arowana.  Now I have 3 tanks of my own, a 55 gallon, 75 gallon and a 100 gallon, all freshwater, all planted.

My goal at Aqua Serene is to educate as many people with what I know and learn as much as I can from the people – and fish – around me.  I’m proud to call myself an employee at the best aquatic pet store in Eugene.



Howdy, I’m Kira!  I have big future fish plans, but right now I have three small planted tanks.  I tend to gravitate toward unique fish that pack a lot of personality:  bichirs, feather fin catfish, and rams are a few of my favorites.  When I’m not elbow-deep in an aquarium, I’m snuggling up with the reptiles (fish are hard to snuggle).

Nothing makes me happier than helping others develop a plan for their tank, then seeing pictures and hearing about the progress.  I would love for you to stop by and tell me about your ideas so we can make them happen!



Hello, my name is Lacee.  I have been in the fish keeping hobby for approximately five years, working mostly with freshwater fish.  Prior to working at Aqua Serene I was a Veterinary Technician.  Although most of my experience is with freshwater, I did care for a 20 gallon Nano saltwater aquarium for a year.  When I’m not fishkeeping, I am caring for my many other exotic pets including dart frogs, green anoles, and a crested gecko.

I enjoy helping people set up their new aquariums and choose fish that will bring their tank to life.  Teaching people how to care for our wide variety of aquatic plants is also something I enjoy doing.  I am always expanding my knowledge of fish and plants so that I can teach others how to be successful in the fish keeping hobby.



Hello there! My name is Renee. I am a Eugene native and lover of all plants and animals; great and small. I currently have 3 freshwater planted tanks; a 55 gallon with a variety of tropical fish, a 30 gallon with fancy goldfish, and a 10 gallon with my Betta.

I work mainly out in the water garden and would love to help you get a water feature or aquaponics system going in your own backyard, but can also help you inside with your tropical tanks! I have been at Aqua since fall of 2014.

Come in and get your water feature looking better than ever today!



Hello everyone, my name is Andy Bello. I recently graduated and received my bachelor of science from the University of Arizona with an emphasis in Fisheries Conservation and Management. Growing up I was always fascinated by all types of flora and fauna that existed around me. My fascination quickly turned into an obsession of ecology and the connections that all these organisms share. Aquariums and ponds both have their own ecosystems which is what makes them so exciting and addicting to maintain.

Upon moving to Eugene, Oregon I was fortunate enough to wonder into Aqua Serene and became a team member. Now I work here in the pond section providing maintenance and assisting with breeding the koi and goldfish that we supply to you!


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  1. sgregoire says:

    Hello my name is Seth,
    Just would like to say I have been in twice now, helped twice both my Kyle. The service was outstanding, the people were friendly, and the quality of the products and fish were amazing. I will definitely be coming back in the future.
    Thanks for everything.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Seth! So glad to hear you had a great experience, and thanks for the great feedback! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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